I don’t think it’s easy

I don’t think it’s easy
I don’t believe it’s easy at all
I don’t know how to act in a world that’s about to fall
I don’t know what I want the world to be
I can’t say what utopia is or what it even means
I don’t think there will ever be world peace
I don’t know if I believe that all the pain should even cease
I don’t think human nature won’t demand a little war
I don’t know if I want equality or if it’s a curse or will be a cure
I don’t know if capitalism should end or merely be reformed
I don’t believe in democracy if it’s so easily corrupted and deformed
I don’t know if I’m confused about this or that or so much more
I can’t say I won’t state the world is broken and turn away from you
I don’t know if I should ask you to embrace the confusion too
I don’t know if I’ll opt to fight today instead
I don’t know if I will act when I see the danger lights turn red
I don’t know if some day we’ll come together like a flock of birds in flight
I wish I could say beautiful contradictions make us both dangerous and divine
I don’t know if our values and beliefs might one day perfectly align
I can’t judge your appetite to at least try and stay alive
I don’t know if we won’t destroy this planet and everything else besides
I can’t define a progressive vision in these most darkening of times
I don’t know the recipe for living a truly full and meaningful life
I don’t know if the good life we long for will eventually come true
I’ve not seen your visions or heard your priorities either too
I don’t think we’ll survive if we don’t listen to multiple world views
But there is one thing I know I can say is true: that to write these words is my complete honesty with you.

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