The Both/And! Project — A Manifesto

We, the citizens of The Both/And! Project, declare to practice equity and inclusion in all our words and actions.

We recognise that our world is full of complexity and that different people and groups have different experiences and perspectives.

We are open to learning from everyone, regardless of identity or background.

We will create an environment for open-ended discussions and foster mutual understanding, promoting dialogue, not division.

We acknowledge that the greatest lessons will come from considering multiple perspectives.

We will embrace our differences and allow individuals to tell their stories and be heard.

We will express our appreciation for the unique skills and knowledge each individual brings and honour the diversity of opinions.

We will provide resources, understanding, and encouragement to build transpartisan connections.

We will strive for transparency, honesty and respect in all that we do.

We stand together to popularise Both/And thinking towards the ultimate goal of including and transcending our differences as we bring forth a saner, wiser, and more tolerant world.

This is the path that we choose to follow.

Left or Right? Both/And!
Science or religion? Both/And!
Women’s liberation or men’s rights? Both/And!
Mainstream voices or alternative views? Both/And!
Woke or anti-woke? Both/And!
Modernity or postmodernity? Both/And!
Naïveté or knowingness? Both/And!
Empathy or apathy? Both/And!
Unity or plurality? Both/And!
Sincerity or irony? Both/And!

And so on.

We are Both/And!

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