The Positive Masculinity Project

We live at a time when the definition of masculinity is unclear and confusing.

Young men grow into adulthood without understanding their purpose and role in the modern world.

The Positive Masculinity Project is designed with the modest aim of contributing to the debate about what it means to be a man in the 21st Century and the task of questioning the current rhetoric about men and manhood.

The Let’s Make Sense Project

This project promotes tools and strategies we can adopt to make better sense of the information we consume and share. Our focus is to help people separate the signal from the noise in the modern information environment and to foster more constructive and inclusive dialogue across cultural divides. Our goal is to combat disinformation and reduce polarisation.

The Both/And! Project

The Both/And! Project project encourages people to adopt a ‘Both/And’ mindset. Our goal is to revitalise open conversations and debunk the idea that contentious issues have a single ‘right’ solution. We want to assist you in embracing paradoxes and seeing the world through a Both/And lens. The Both/And! Project will help you do just that.