Out of the Ashes

Ophelia’s sins bring feared nights and
Woeful dreams
Mushrooms illuminate the motionless
Fluorescent streams

Quickening death knells descend down on
Wedding rings
Recoiled and collapsing to guileful dead
Scorpion stings

Lament severed chastity, love’s
Bliss departs
Minds melt to lore and madness grows like
Warmed summer vineyards

Washed-up drunken souls lost to the
Mystiques of time
Ancient symbolic lovers sodden and
Melted in lye

Dark veils lifted we hear the blue city
Voices again
A conscientious objector searching
For friends

Ophelia spirals towards destined
Cottage blues
Out of the ashes the phoenix takes flight,
Laid, spoiled, renewed.

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