Dreams Can Come Again

Well, I’ll tell you the tale of the
withered dreams of a young man.
Lost visions, ambitions, desires
to lead in the band.

He’d walk by the sea breathing
music & books on the sand.
Those were the days of his life
to craft who he’d be as a man.

When leaving school he wished
his words would swim to the moon,
then daylight broke cover
for evergreen lovers too soon.

But now all said & done
he knows time can’t be un-spun,
so should aim at the future &
dance to the drums he commands.

If you stop, look & listen
just maybe he’ll play his next hand.
A fresh vision to forge
in the future & take a new stand.

Though you’re singing saddest laments,
wishing to hasten the end, stay the course.
Remain faithful to childhood dreams
& believe you can end your remorse.

So, this is a call to all
hidden in cruel shadows of grey –
There will always be answers &
chances to fix your lost ways.

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